Service Massage

We are one of the very few bathing establishments to offer a massage service in the area of Marina di Pietrasanta and Forte dei Marmi. Your well-being is our top priority and for your moments of pure relaxation we have equipped a new and large air-conditioned and soundproofed massage cabin. Comfortable sunbeds and sofas located in the garden await you under the shade of a cane roof where you can relax, before or after the massage.

Our massages:

Relaxing full body massage (50')

It combines various techniques from the Ayurvedic, Indonesian, Californian, Hawaiian and Chinese traditions that transmit relaxation, warmth and peacefulness.

60,00 euros

Relaxing/full sports massage (50')

A single massage to relieve fatigue in legs, back and arms. A combination of different techniques with the purpose of loosening and releasing tension by working in depth on the muscle and nerve fasciae.

60,00 euros

Specific back/neck massage (25')

Thanks to the techniques of acupressure and TCM (traditional Chinese medicine), our expert masseuse is able to stretch and relax every area of the entire spine producing benefits both on a muscular level, and on the nervous, lymphatic, postural and blood levels.

35,00 euros

Specific leg massage (25')

The lymphatic drainage leg massage has been designed specifically for women and is a summer must for reducing the sense of heaviness in the legs. The anti-fatigue leg massage is mainly intended for sportsmen and sportswomen in general. It concludes with a foot massage that contributes positively to the elimination of toxins.

35,00 euros

Foot reflexology (25’)

Specific foot massage which, in addition to being extremely pleasant and relaxing, has the great added value of improving health and general well-being. For centuries it has been used as a form of prevention for one’s psycho-physical condition. In fact, touching and stimulating specific areas on the bottom of the foot brings well-being to the organs and the organism as a whole, as well as generating a positive stimulus on an emotional level.

35,00 euros